About Zhizn

Zhizn Films is one film company in a world teeming with at least hundreds, if not thousands of such entities. So what is different about Zhizn? A difficult question indeed ... The difference lies in our philosophy and commitment to the concept of "Merit First" without compromise. These words are not only embedded in our psyche and seared in our consciousness but this is also the basis on which this vision stands.

The word Zhizn means "life" and we at Zhizn believe in celebrating life in all it's myriad of forms ... and it is our vision to bring forth the beauty and divinity that is often neither seen nor felt, into one complete mosaic of human experience - a moving picture. We believe firmly that there are many stories that have not yet been told and many melodies that are yet to be heard. Our endeavour is to bring these stories to you, through the interlinking of music and film, in a harmonious synergy, within a cinematic ambit to explore the great mystery that is "life", (Zhizn).